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Magical Forces Within
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What if you started to notice the messages that life sends you? What if by paying attention to the symbols, warnings, and insights, you could solve the mysteries in your life and reveal your own destiny?

Through stunning real-life stories, many from the author’s life, Magical Forces Within is a
New Thought self-help guide. Open the window into the mystical realm of ethereal forces that lie just beneath the surface.

With Rhonda as your guide, explore metaphysical topics such as self-fulfilling prophecy, intuition, serendipity, energy, ghosts, déjà vu, synchronicity,ESP, and angelic forces. Magical Forces Within challenges readers like you to become aware of these elements in your own lives. Do you believe that there might be more to life than your current experience? Magical Forces Within will teach you how to recognize the signs and symbols that can lead you to discover your true calling and forge a more meaningful, connected, and happier life.

“A thought-provoking and inspiring look

at the power of transformation”
—Kirkus Reviews

Audible and Kindle Available here:

Magical Forces Within" audiobook and kindle available in Canada and United States:

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My Books


Meditating brings a sense of lightness to the soul, laughter to the heart and a compassion for the self and for others. It is essential practice for maintaining a sense of well being throughout the day.

Direction on how to meditate, as written in the book Magical Forces Within, is available by submitting a request here

To listen to a guided meditation now, “Coming Home” or “The Magic Within” please visit my YouTube Channel.

Zen Stones
My Approach
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The process of, and benefits from journaling begin with gifting yourself with a large spiral-bound book that speaks to you. Store it in a private, secure space to ensure your writing is protected and your thoughts remain your own.

A journal is a powerful tool for you to record unedited thoughts that you may not realize take up space in your brain. Once written down – those thoughts tend to disappear. As you reveal yourself to yourself you will experience some powerful emotions. Welcome and honor them so that you may heal from them. 

Journaling, done from a place of honesty and courage, becomes a therapeutic tool and a window you may use to understand who you truly are. It is a great place to articulate and free your anger, and to release the self-doubt that you carry. This release will empower you to have more control over your life. You may mould your voice and guide it to share your needs and to express your feelings or experiences. 

Because journaling has to do with transformation, journals can become the basis for a book you may publish in the future. Some individuals may have a sense of rebirth and discover their calling through journaling. 

Recognizing the good in your life and journaling about what you are grateful and thankful for helps you increase a positive vibration that connects you to the universal domain.


Setting Intentions

“The Universe is a creative force begging you

to become a channel for its expression”

–– Rhonda Grant, Magical Forces Within

Just as you have a special book dedicated to journaling, you will want to have a special and separate book for setting intentions. On a new page, write today’s date and then write what you want or intend to have happen today. Record how you want to respond to those you see and speak with. You may wish to approach interactions from a place of understanding, grace, dignity, love, freedom, and compassion. Set your intentions everyday and acknowledge and embrace the miracles that start to appear in your life.

 “You will be what you “will” to be”

–– James Allen

Image by Jean-Pierre Brungs
Setting Intentions
Image by Giulia Bertelli


Accountability is the single most important ingredient on your path to enlightenment. You need to make a commitment to yourself to do these exercises every day. You are the one in control of your destiny, your script, and your results. Do nothing, reap nothing. Do some of the work and reap some of the benefits. Do all of the work, stand back, and watch the life you have created in your mind’s eye reveal itself to you.

Have big outranges goals and create the space for them to materialize. Only you can bring forth your dreams.

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