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Rhonda Grant on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

Lisa dives deep with Rhonda discussing the transformation moments that compelled Rhonda to fearlessly pursue her path after her near death experience.

Interview on "Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonaldRhonda Grant
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Your Path to a Meaningful Life
Rhonda Grant on Synchronicity

As someone who has personally encountered a near-death experience myself, it was most definitely a uniquely welcomed conversation to partake in with Rhonda, whom as a result of her own near-death experience, was able to resonate with me at a far deeper and a richer substantive way at the soul level.                                                                       

Magical Forces Within by Rhonda Grant

"Rhonda Grant is a force to be reckoned with as an author and story teller.  Her ability to live on a metaphysical level and tap into her intuition and write about it is beautiful.  I am an intuitive, empathic coach and Rhonda’s stories and experiences are a normal part of everyday life that people don’t realize. This book is perfect in timing for what is happening in our world today and the massive shift that is taking place. She has found the key of how to reconnect with ourselves and get in tune with our higher self. 
This is a must-read book.​"

-Heather Driscoll
Certified Master Empowerment Coach 
Certified HeartMath Coac

Teaching Others How to Connect with Their Own Destinies

Business owner, speaker, and author with a passion for teaching others how to connect with their own destinies, Rhonda Grant


Rhonda Grant: Magical Forces Within Extraordinary Experiences in an Ordinary Life | ASMAL ep. 23

Rhonda is a true renaissance woman. A near-death experience abruptly fractured her everyday routine, compelling Rhonda to write her book. She shares stories of her exploration of the metaphysical with real-life stories of transformation and enlightenment.

Episode 44: Rhonda Grant

Rhonda shares her journey and insights into meditation and mindfulness.

Rhonda Grant is highly regarded as an active leader, entrepreneur and award-winning real estate professional. Abruptly, after a near-death experience fractured her everyday routine, she was compelled to write her book, Magical Forces Within: Extraordinary Discoveries in an Ordinary Life. Her book inspires readers with real-life stories of transformation and enlightenment. It is an Amazon International #1 Best Seller in multiple categories and an Amazon National Best-Selling Audiobook. Rhonda also hosts a podcast called The Rhonda Grant Show, ‘Courting Your Soul.’

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