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Rhonda Grant is an entrepreneur, founder, and business owner who instinctively coaches those she works with and people who come to her seeking her guidance in business. Rhonda’s strong business background coupled with superlative people skills allow her to connect with her audience both on stage, through her podcast, and in her writing. Based on her book, she names and challenges energies that affect people’s outcomes allowing her to recognize self-defeating practices that keep people from becoming their best self. Rhonda teaches that through a massive shift in human consciousness, mindful practices can be transferred into better business practices with ease following simple techniques.


Rhonda Grant is a business owner, author, and speaker with a passion for teaching others how to connect with their own destinies.

With the whole shift in human consciousness that is taking place in the world right now, professionals like you and me are starting to tap into their inner self to find wisdom and direction for their lives. I welcome you here and invite you to get in touch with your centre, your heart, and calling. This song is the spiritual journey that many of us are moving through now. 

Everyone is different and it is human nature to want to search for your life’s unique meaning. Your journey is personal to you and will reveal itself at a pace that is comfortable for you. 


I welcome you here - to this website - at this time. I invite you to explore and embrace the podcasts, and visit my YouTube Channel where you will find meditations and audios of my work designed to support those experiencing extraordinary things in their life; as you are. These teachings will encourage you to focus on you and your path.

Download the meditations to connect with the essence of your being at a deeper level. Learn how to journal in a way that is not only therapeutic but transformational. 

Check out the simple and sustainable morning ritual designed to help you become centred. It will provide you with insight and clear the way before you, allowing you to discover the essence and spirit of the REAL you.


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Get in touch with me for the pdf on “How to Meditate” as well as information on quantity discounts available to company, educational institution, educational purposes, book clubs, and as gifts or fundraiser campaigns. This is a great place to ask me a question, request an interview or request to be interviewed.

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